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Who is it for?
Small-scale businesses looking to join the video streaming industry by developing, launching and managing their own service for free
USD 12,000
Used as credit for end user licenses
Who is it for?
Medium-scale businesses with a larger subscriber base and looking for more advance features for their video streaming service
Who is it for?
Large-scale companies with a larger subscriber base and looking for additional capabilities and features
USD 210,000
Used as credit for end user licenses
Who is it for?
Our most advanced plan for those customers with a large subscriber base who wish to enjoy the full potential of our solution
Used as credit for end user licenses
Who is it for?
Provide customers with middle/large-scale Commercial launch of their own white-label Live Tv or Live TV+VOD SaaS platform with Multi-Screen
Detailed Comparision
Features FREE $ 0 PRO $ 12,000 BUSINESS $ 54,000 BUSINESS PLUS $ 210,000 ENTERPRISE Custom
Live TV monthly price per device
$2.00 $1.80 $1.50
Live+VoD TV monthly price per device
$2.30 $2.00 $1.60
Live TV yearly price per device
18 16 13
Live+VoD yearly price per device
20 18 14
50 100 150 200
5 20 30 60
VoD storage (TB)
1 2 4 8
Device number
1 2 >2 >2
App for Android STB & Mobile
App for iOS *
PC web client
App for Samsung TV (Tizen) *
App for LG TV (WebOS) *
App UI Template
1 1 2 4 4
Goose DRM
Multi DRM (extra payment by usage)
Headend management
Multi content list
Multi plan
Member site
Offline reseller
Open API & SDK
Google Ads
*Note: App for iOS & Samsung TV & LG TV solutions are updating for Zero-Trust security protection and coming soon.
More Details About The Plan

No Service Fee

An equivalent of the price paid for the chosen plan will be automatically deposited on your Panel account in Vcoins that you can later on use to purchase user licenses for commercialization.
For example: If a Start plan is purchased, 720,000 Vcoins (an equivalent to USD 7,200) will be deposited on Panel for license purchasing. Monthly licenses can then be purchased for 300 Vcoins and yearly licenses for 2,400 Vcoins.

Fixed license costs

License costs will be maintained at the lowest price ever paid, even if you renew your plan for a lower category plan.
For example: If an Ultimate plan is purchased, monthly user licenses will always cost USD 1.50 even if, at the time of renewal, any of the other plans with a higher monthly user license cost is purchased.


  • Each additional channel has a cost of USD 1 per month and can be ordered for any plan.
  • UHD resolution can be offered for 20% of the total number of channels included in each plan. The remaining 80% will be broadcast in HD resolution by default.
  • Broadcast playback can be offered for 30% of the total number of channels included in each plan. Each additional playback has a cost of USD 8.50 per month and can be ordered for any plan.
  • Transcoding and encoding services may be ordered additionally and have a cost of USD 20 per channel.
  • DRM support is not included in any plan. If needed, contact us.
  • Once the free computing and storage period expires, you can choose any of our plans to extend it. If the new selected plan offers less channels than the original one, GOOSE will continue providing the same amount of channels you originally hired. The extension period cost will be determined by the new plan.
  • When you choose a different plan, all the additional channels you have ordered will be automatically added to your new plan. They can be cancelled anytime per your request.