Content Provider

Stream your content globally with flexible end user acquisition methods


Comprehensive Video Service Features

✔ Live TV & VOD
✔ SD, HD and 4k
✔ Catch-up TV
✔ Search, History, Favorites
✔ Picture-in-Picture
✔ Mosaic channels
✔ Interactive channels
✔ Parental control
App Configuration
Access an end-to-end cloud service and work with content source transcoding, portal management, CDN, billing and end-user devices.
Quick time-to-market
Set up with no coding skills an end-to-end global OTT service under SaaS model with comprehensive features.
Simplified monetization
Select the revenue model that works best for your business and simplify monetization with our Panel tool.
Multiple devices
Allow your users to choose when, where and how to watch your content. Build an app compatible with any device.
Business action
Subscriber acquisition
Possibility to bring your service to end users via app stores or online official website.
Operation tools
Statistics dashboard with automatic and manual recommendations and promotion tools.
Zero technical maintenance
System upgrade, performance and features improvement, and 24x7 customer support.