ATF 2023 puts Animation Lab & Pitch under the spotlight

NOV 23, 2023

Prepare for a revolutionary collaboration as ATF and TTB join forces to launch an unparalleled Animation Lab & Pitch program! This strategic alliance doesn't just open doors; it shatters them, revealing a world of new opportunities in the dynamic realm of animation.


We are witnessing a worldwide growing demand for applications that fuel animation growth: motion capture, stop motion, and 3D animation are some of the names found under the spotlight.


Several key drivers are fueling the rapid market evolution: breakthroughs in communication and technology, the booming media and entertainment industry, and the unstoppable rise of Internet penetration are undoubtedly determining elements that influence this performance.


Mordor Intelligence predicts a remarkable 9.43% market growth over the next five years. Specialized insights point toward a projected market value of USD 284.62 billion by 2028.

A Fusion of Creativity and Innovation


Producers from Asia and Europe will converge at the Animation Lab & Pitch program, forging new paths toward innovation. This alliance promises new financing avenues, co-production opportunities, and access to untapped markets and audiences in both regions.


Selected participants will undergo intensive training, navigating every stage of the process to ensure the successful launch of their projects. Onsite events will take place at the Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) in Singapore on December 6-8, 2023.

Diverse Formats, Unlimited Potential

From feature-length animated films to modern TV series, miniseries, and emerging short films.


Priority is given to projects bursting with creativity, captivating visuals, and the potential for groundbreaking co-productions across borders.

Why Asia TV Forum & Market?


This event is not just a gathering, it's a celebration of global entertainment. ATF is a platform designed to fuel the diverse expressions of the content ecosystem in Asia.


Dive into conferences, panels, seminars with industry experts, technological innovation, and networking opportunities.


Step into the fast-paced realm of innovation! As the market surges forward with groundbreaking ideas, it's key to take the central stage in its unfolding narrative. At Goose, we curate a dynamic and versatile agenda of events tailored to diverse industry segments worldwide. 


Ready to be a protagonist in the industry's evolution? Get in touch and book a meeting with our team of experts today. Join us at the 2023 event's grand finale in Singapore!


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