2023 NAB Show: Celebrating a century of innovation

MAR 22, 2023

2023 represents a key milestone in the broadcasting timeline, marking the 100th anniversary of the leading global media convention: the NAB Show. The renowned global hub for media and entertainment professionals, recognized for encouraging innovation, is once again opening its doors, and this time will celebrate its special date. 


Since its beginnings, the NAB Show has been a driving force behind the growth of the industry, showcasing the latest technology and creating vital connections, which will ultimately shape the future of our business. 


Get ready for what's next at NAB, the annual trade show organized by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the main advocacy association of this entity in the United States. As a prominent advocate in the industry, NAB strives to safeguard and foster business opportunities in the digital era.


The event is a must-attend for those in the media, entertainment, and technology sectors since it is a global gathering that offers the latest cutting-edge technology and a unique opportunity to create a superior audiovisual experience.


Established as a breaking point in the transformation of the industry over the past century, its footprint has only grown stronger over time, holding a significantly influential role till this day. Its vision into the future has become a before/after scenario and mindset. An event that promises to constantly drive innovation to the next level, redefining the future of what’s possible. That's why, at Goose, we had to be part of it. 


This year's show will maintain the fresh and innovative essence that defines it, while recalling all key moments throughout its history.

The event's deployment is distributed under a holistic logic that aims to exhibit to the public the entire content lifecycle from start to finish. Following this end-to-end scheme, the floor will be organized into four sections: Create - Connect - Capitalize - Intelligent Content.


2023 NAB Show

NAB Show highlights:


The repertoire of activities includes a variety of trending topics featuring valuable insights. Among many others, conference themes range from Streaming summit, Programming everywhere, Broadcast Engineering and IT (BEIT), and Diversity symposium. 


Conferences are supported by the sponsorship and partnership of major players such as Google, Amazon Web Services, the Society of Broadcast Engineers, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, the North American Broadcasters Association, TV News Check, and so on.


NAB Show 2023 edition will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 16 to 19.


An expansive collection of know-how customized to your sphere of interest in the content ecosystem.


The 2023 NAB Show will also feature a variety of interactive exhibits and experiences, including workshops with the participation of industry experts, demonstrations, and interactive displays. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new skills, network with other professionals, and discover new ideas and innovations specifically designed to assist them in enhancing their performance and upgrading their skill set.


Of course, no NAB Show would be complete without the opportunity to connect with industry peers and colleagues. The 2023 event will offer plenty of networking opportunities, from dedicated lounges and meeting areas to special events and receptions.


Get on top of the wave of what's new and beating in tech, and get the chance to shake hands with powerful decision-makers.


Visit Goose at the world's biggest industry event! Celebrate with us 100 years of innovation.


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