Find Goose at Las Vegas CES 2023

NOV 30, 2022

2023 is about to start, and from Goose we look forward to an epic start, that's why we are kicking off the year by taking part in the world's biggest technology event: CES, the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.


A business hub, where networking possibilities, together with the presence of totally innovative figures, take over the place.



Let’s dig into its structure!

The Consumer Technology Association takes responsibility for CES ownership and production, providing the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and push consumer technology forward.


Let's take a quick look down memory lane in CES history, getting into some milestone shows, a place where revolutionary market products were introduced:


CES 1981:

The analog and digital worlds collided. Sony´s CD raised a stir at CES. Later on, between 1983 and 1984, more than 400,000 CDs were sold in America, reaching a peak of 200 billion units in 2007.




CES 1985:

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set a before and after in gaming. However, although it was its lifeguard, NES stardom was slow to show. In this edition, attendees weren't impressed. 



CES 1991:

Sony and Nintendo revealed their emerging partnership, an alliance that had a short existence due to the subsequent announcement from Nintendo, in which the company claimed to be working with Philips, one of Sony's main competitors.



CES 1993:

Apple Newton in the spotlight and a turning point for CES. The event began to open its range. For the first time, much of the show focused on computers, gaming, and information technology, rather than TVs and stereos.



CES 2004:

Blu-ray arrived with swagger. The event held the first US press conference to promote the format.



CES 2016:

In this year, the event opened its horizons even wider to include automotive technology: the Bolt was presented and led a car-tech revolution.



Still, these were just a few moments of glory that we decided to highlight. Click here to learn more about the display and evolution of the show.

So, what can we expect from CES 2023 in Las Vegas?

2200 exhibitors, where 158 countries, territories and regions are represented, and a total of 135 top-tier media are registered. A space that embraces a scope of 41 different categories in the tech industry. Numbers that leave their print on all aspects of the area. Amazon, Google, John Deere, Microsoft, LG, Abbott and Sony are just a couple of the featured exhibitors.


Las Vegas CES 2023 aims to trigger innovation in business through direct human-to-human interaction, hosting a meeting place in the sector, a point of contact and constant exchange. During these 4 days, you will be able to live a unique technological experience.


Do you want to know more about CES 2023? Stay tuned for our next blog post!


What are you waiting for? Be in it with Goose.


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