A new era for streaming: Goose presents VideoMart at IBC2023

AUG 11, 2023

Our events tour makes its way back into the second half of the year, under the tagline “Transforming media. Changing expectations". Goose agenda kicks off at IBC Show 2023.


We are back and reloaded, this time showcasing the launch of VideoMart in one of the hearts of media and entertainment events. A new system has been deployed: VideoMart has been specially developed by our team of experts to create a space of exchange where content providers can offer their products to streaming service operators. A set of conditions that outlined a simpler, safer, and more transparent scheme.


A before and after has been established, and Goose Platform takes an active role in giving place to accelerate processes in a market that does nothing but demand them. We want to be solutions, players in constant movement working as enablers of a brighter future in the industry.


The structure has changed and its potential has multiplied, leading the way to intelligent ownership, and a more fluid and direct commercial dynamic between agents.

How does VideoMart work?


Goose intelligent headend design encourages businesses to easily bundle and manage streams in a variety of different packs supported by flexible pricing plans. VideoMart is the perfect match for any live content provider and streaming operator that wants to streamline exchange processes, ensuring content packages that facilitate effortless navigation and search, protected content data and transaction records, seamless connectivity to a SaaS video platform, simplified stages for concluding licensing contracts (covering payments and royalty documentation), and the assurance of efficient negotiation and top-tier content security.


We are facing a transformation in streaming. Experience a new era where service providers effortlessly access pricing conditions and content package details, requiring only the authorization of package owners. With VideoMart, channels light up in the content management field as soon as the online payment is confirmed.


Get fortified data security, and embrace an encrypted workflow with End-to-End protection. Confidential information remains 100% classified, and no third-parties, not even Goose, have access to your business's private data.


“VideoMart implementation ignites a new era of security and efficiency in video transactions between content owners and streaming service operators. And I have no doubt that VideoMart will certainly revolutionize the online market”, stated Leon Wang, Goose Product Director.


Join us at IBC Show: Dive into one of the biggest innovation hubs, contact a world of unveiled cutting-edge business paradigms, get ignited by industry leaders' insights.


A new game opens up. Will your business be part of it?


Visit us in Amsterdam! Find us at booth 5.C06.